1981 Christer Lindberg visited the Philippines for the first time. The trip marked a new attitude towards life and a burning desire to be with and help the famine, poverty and needy children to a better life.

One day during the trip, he visited a slum area where it then stayed around one million people. As he walked along the street came a slum mother with her baby in her arms, stretching the child. She said in tears: "Do you want to buy my child?" When Christer looked at the baby, he saw the suffering in its depths. The child was very sick because of malnutrition. His stomach was swollen. Wounds on all the little body and high fever. His eyes filled with tears and he could not resist asking: "How much is your child?" The reply was: "100 pesos ." "Why do you want to sell the child," he asked. Tears flowed after the mother's cheeks and she said: "In our family we have nothing that can help our children to survive. We know that it will soon die. We also know that in your country our children can survive. We want our children be allowed to live. "

The words of this mother was for him one of life's turning points. In a vision he saw how we could help these children of trouble. This was the beginning of the Mission Team. Mission Team was formed to become a channel for relief operations primarily in the Philippines but the vision has expanded to other countries. Over the years we have built up 10 kindergartens. An elementary school run by the Team Mission, with room for 360 children. We have an extensive aid program with food distribution, and medical assistance to poor people. These efforts involving 4000-5000 people.

Team Mission is working exclusively with churches in the Philippines. Each preschool is associated with a local parish, and we also have a sister organization called Team Mission Philippines Inc., where Romeo & Nora Corpuz is responsible for the work.