Team Mission has been working to help children in need since 1981.

    In Philippines we have a big and extensive work with high school,

    school, daycares, bibelschool,  mobile clinic, food distribution, catastrophe help.


   We have also a child center in Latvia, who takes care of “street children”.


         The needs is growing … Daily we reach by distressing reports of children

    who force in prostitution. To survive in this humilitate life, they take

    drugs and have got in criminality.

    Many children sends out on the street to provide them self.

    The parents can not afford to give their children food.  

    Team Mission intermediary help as reach out.

    Thousands of children has trough the years get helped with schooling,

    food, clothes,  medical help and a new future. 


    Team Mission has a account that is under control of SFI

    (Foundation of collection inspection) in Sweden.